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Holding Hands

In 2009, Greater Valley was founded to address the need for Foster Care and In-Home services in our surrounding areas. Although we have greatly expanded our services since, we recognize families as a central feature of the wellbeing of our communities and each year help thousands of families reunite, stabilize, and get the necessary tools for them to thrive.


Family At Church

Foster Care

Thousands of children in our area are deprived of the love, care, and compassion of a stable home. Our goal is to find them a safe haven while we work towards family reunification. Find out more here. 

Father and Daughter

In Home Crisis Prevention

Our in-home services are meant to prevent the removal of a child from the home. We work with families in an effort to maximize both the safety of children and the functioning of family relationships. Find out more here. 

Friends Portrait

Golden Living

Greater Valley is committed to aiding the seniors in our community to promote friendship, health, and well being. Find out more here.

Resources for Families

Greater Valley Community Services is certified in Triple P and SAAF, nationally recognized, evidence-based parenting programs to improve behavior in children

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)
The Triple-P Parenting Program is a multi-level system of support to prevent and treat social, emotional and behavioral problems in children by enhancing parent knowledge, skills and confidence. Triple P draws on social learning, cognitive behavioral and developmental theory as well as research into risk factors associated with the development of social and behavioral problems in children.

Learn more on the Triple P website!

SAAF (Strong African American Families)

Strong African American Families (SAAF) is a parental training and family therapy program grounded in social bonding and control theories. The program works to strengthen the attachment between parent and child to reduce the likelihood of youth involvement in various problem behaviors, particularly alcohol and substance abuse.

SAAF aims to strengthen parenting practices related to monitoring and supporting youth, articulating parental expectations for alcohol use, communicating with youth about sex, and promoting positive racial socialization. It also works to promote youths’ ability to focus on goals for the future, resist involvement in risk behaviors, maintain negative images of risk behaviors and peers who engage in them, and accept parental influences. 

Learn more on the SAAF website!

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