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Camp W.O.W. is a six-week summer camp that collaborates with the University of Pittsburgh Department of Education's Western Pennsylvania Writing Project to continue students’ writing education between school years. By closely working with writing mentors, students’ scholarship potential and confidence increase and self-expression finds a creative outlet. Along with writing, the campers enjoy gardening, arts & crafts, field trips, yoga, field day activities, hiking, and other summer activities.

Camp W.O.W. is a cornerstone program of Greater Valley’s goal to improve education in Braddock and surrounding areas. By creating a productive space in a familiar environment, instilling confidence and comfort when doing writing exercises, and investing in one’s own community, culture and beyond, we can start to form a strong foundation that students can build upon as they continue their education. Camp W.O.W. works to ensure that participants have every opportunity to achieve their potential in school, work, and life by advancing students’ writing abilities. The program aims to diversify students’ abilities to write in different forms, increase their academic readiness and writing aptitude, as well as reinforce the feeling of independence and self worth through close personal mentoring relationships. 

See the CAMP WOW VIDEO created by our students!

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