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SURGE is a Workforce Development program aimed at developing the skillsets of youth in the Braddock, East Pittsburgh and North Braddock regions. Based on a survey conducted by GVCS in the Summer of 2019 to identify business needs in the local community of Braddock, PA., relevant skills for the 21st century workforce are taught to students during the summer by partnering with local business needs. Courses taught in the past have included Design Thinking for Business, Introduction to Data Science & Data Analytics, and Marketing Tools for Business.

In the summer of 2021, GVCS formalized a partnership with Paradigm Global Innovations (PGI) to expand skills development opportunities by offering an educational summer program for youth ages 14-21. As PGI's learning partner, GVCS hosted students all summer learning the following skills while working on PGI projects:


Data analytics

Fashion Technology

Game development and E-Sports

Immersive Technologies

Video Editing

This summer, our program will run from June 27th- August 5th 2022. Please apply by June 10th

Apply Here 

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