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Violence Prevention

Greater Valley Community Services (GVCS) wants all concerned persons to get involved with GVCAV, BreathLife, and H.O.O.P..  Volunteer to help in anti-crime and other neighborhood and community improvement efforts.

BreathLife LLC

GVCS  and GVCAV consider this program a valuable access to the prevention of violence.  This is a life skill class for males from ages 13-19.   Activities connect youth with caring adults where bonds can be established.  Call 412-351-7056 if you are interested as a participant or mentor.

Greater Valley Coalition Against Violence (GVCAV)

GVCAV representatives come from many areas of community concern: government, school, police, judicial, churches, nonprofits, interrupters, leaders, advocates of all ages to prevent the disease of violence.  GVCAV meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

H.O.O.P. Alliance (Helping Out Our People) 

H.O.O.P. Alliance is a non-profit organization that supports families from the Woodland Hills School District that have lost a child to gun violence. H.O.O.P. aims to heal, inspire, motivate, and mentor individuals throughout the community with a goal of disrupting the disease of violence and preventing future loss. 

Join this monthly meeting held in Greater Valley Community Services SPACE on second Tuesday at 6:30 – 8:30 pm. 

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