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Fitness is a key component of our health and wellness programming. Our facilities include both a full basketball court as well as fitness center. In addition, we work in collaboration with the Athletic Trauma Unit and Pittsburgh Pioneer Elite to provide space for workouts, practices, open gyms, and training. Find out more about both organizations below!

Athletic Trauma Unit

The mission of #ATU is to promote physical activity for people of all ages, with the idea that a body in motion stays in motion for a lifetime. #ATU has a mission to remove the financial barrier to health and fitness and offers all services and classes free to attendees. Everything is 100% complimentary; free coaches, nutritional consulting and classes are available at will to those that show interest and need. 

ATU partners with us by coming three times a week and hosting basketball workouts and open gyms in our gym.​

Learn more at their website, or connect with their Facebook group!

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Pittsburgh Pioneers

Pittsburgh Pioneers Elite is a non-profit dedicated to coaching young men through basketball. They describe their philosophy as such:"We believe in encouraging young players to use what they learn, build a solid foundation with basic fundamentals, and be a good teammate.  This will start the vision of their path. When coaching young players, it is important to start out right. And because we believe so deeply in this philosophy."

The pioneers host tryouts, practices, etc. in our space as well as weekly open gyms for community members.  Check out their website for more information on joining them!

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