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Violence Prevention

Greater Valley Community Services (GVCS) wants all concerned persons to get involved with GVCAV, Cure V.I.B.E., ACTES, and  Volunteer to help in anti-crime and other neighborhood and community improvement efforts.

Cure V.I.B.E

For more than 20 years, CURE Violence has been a leader in community-based violence prevention efforts. Our work has never been  more vital. Support our work TODAY!!!

Greater Valley Coalition Against Violence (GVCAV)

GVCAV representatives come from many areas of community concern: government, school, police, judicial, churches, nonprofits, interrupters, leaders, advocates of all ages to prevent the disease of violence.  GVCAV meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month.


The ultimate goal of ACTES is to effectively engage highest-risk individuals and provide them
with services that reduce their risk of serious violence involvement. This is accomplished by
leveraging credible messengers to identify, engage, and build trust with potential participants;
incentivizing participation with stipends, the offer of a low-barrier job, and access to career
training; helping participants overcome stability barriers; and delivering cognitive-behavioral
intervention to promote individual behavior change.

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