In-Home Crisis Services

Family Preservation

Greater Valley Community Services' purpose is to assist in the rebuilding and empowering of families through a holistic approach of treatment. The In-Home Program works with families to assure the safety of children and to improve the functioning of their family relationships.


Family Reunification

Greater Valley believes that a child remaining with its family of origin is the ideal option for permanency. Assessments and other resources are used to ensure the quality of service and an effective working relationship between staff and families. 


Services Provided to...

  • Families at risk for abuse/neglect
  • Families struggling and drug & alcohol or mental health issues
  • Families with housing or other economic needs
  • Families of troubled or delinquent youth
  • Families with medical issues & other needs


Our Staff

Greater Valley Community Services has an equipped staff of practitioners who utilize a wide range of expertise from a variety of different milieus of social service. Our staff is trained utilizing the CASSP principles. This training allows for diversity and versatility among staff. We are also selective in matching referrals with our staff experiences, in order to provide the best possible services to meet the family's needs. 


Levels of Support

In-Home Services are provided in an effort to prevent the out-of-home placement of a child. Servcies assist children and families in accomplishing their service plan goals. Levels of support include:

  • Intensive: high level of risk
  • Moderate: no immediate risk
  • Basic: support progress
  • Maintenance
  • Aftercare


Agency Strengths

  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Behavioral Management
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Crisis Intervention Techniques
  • Parent Education
  • Special Education
  • Parenting Training


Crisis Stabilization

  • 24/7 Availability
  • 15-minute response to crisis calls
  • Crisis Assessment
  • Flexible staff hours

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