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Medical and Health-related

  • The Merck's Manuals

  • A medical dictionary that includes information about thousands of different conditions.

Physician's Desk Reference

  • The Physician's Desk Reference Web site provides medical and health care information that is customized for several audiences,including consumers. Some of the site's features include: a medical dictionary, health news, and drug information.

Special Kids Network

The Special Kids Network Web site is a free network for families with children who have special needs or disabilities. The network is

funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. It provides information on: Education & Training, Health Care Products, Recreation &

Leisure, Social Services & Counseling, Support & Advocacy and Therapy. You may also call the Network at 1-800-986-4550.

Autism Speaks

Support Groups


STARS is a family support group for adoptive and foster care parents raising children of different races and cultures.

Adoption Laws

Adoption Law Site created by The National Center for Adoption Law & Policy at Capital University Law School.

Children’s Bureau Express

Bridging the Gap between Birth and Foster Parents:


Children's Institute of Pittsburgh

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