Greater Valley Community Services is a nonprofit organization that believes all persons deserve the chance to develop in a nurturing, safe, and established environment. We are dedicated to educating and rebuilding the lives of families and children in various communities. Through our faith, community and professional experiences we have developed many resources to aid us in this endeavor. We hope to create a spark of restoration spiritually, emotionally and physically by providing the necessary tools for our families to conquer life circumstances.

Family Preservation
Family Preservation is provided to children who have not yet entered the Child Protection System, but could be considered at risk due to Children Youth and Family criteria.
Family preservation is also provided to children who have entered the Child Protective System. In-Home Worker/Specialist will determine if (internal/external) factors, prohibit the individual caregiver from engaging/participating in supportive services, and if the child will be safe/nurtured in the home.

Family Reunification
Greater Valley Community Services, is dedicated to assuring the safety of children and to improve the functioning of families. We are a faith based agency providing reunification services, that will prepare families to reunite by educating parents and supporting them to be self-sufficient. We will facilitate child/children and family interaction utilizing Greater Valley Community Services resources. These resources are but are not limited to; mental health therapists, teaching parenting skills, drug & alcohol intervention, behavior management, family counseling, education preparation & planning and any concerns that may be unresolved prior to reuniting. Greater Valley Community Services will be diligent in seeking resources to support reunification, because we are committed to stabilizing birth families

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